coffee tables for sale

Coffee Tables for Sale

Our Coffee tables for sale are a great addition to a sitting room, lounge or TV room. Not only is it a great place to put your coffee when you’re not drinking it, it is a central part of the relaxation area, a piece of furniture where you can literally ‘put your feet up’ and relax.

Buying a coffee table seems simple enough: walk into a store, or view furniture online, pick a coffee table for sale, take it home. Easy, right?

Well, it is not always that straightforward.

How to buy the right coffee table

  1. Size – First of all, your coffee table needs to be the right size. Things to look out for are the height and length and width of the coffee table.  
  2. Shape – The coffee table needs to fit in and compliment the space you want it in, in terms of scale and proportions. There are round coffee tables, rectangular coffee tables, oval coffee tables to choose from, to name a few.
  3. Style – Gone are the days when you only had a basic ‘small dining-room table’ style to choose from. Now, coffee tables come in a variety of styles – from sleek and modern to cozy and comforting – everything you need to accentuate your lifestyle.
  4. Storage – There are coffee tables and there are coffee tables. If you want a straightforward table-like coffee table with four legs and a table top, great! However, if you want a coffee table that has enough space to store TV remotes or other items, then this needs to be factored into your decision when you buy a coffee table. 
  5. Strength – This is particularly important if you have children at home. How strong or kid-friendly is the coffee table? If you want a glass-top coffee table, ensure it is compliant with safety regulations and built strong. If you have a solid oak or pine coffee table or a steel frame coffee table, however, these are usually built to last.
  6. Wood – There are usually hints of natural tones throughout the common areas of your home. What colour is the skirting board, your kitchen cupboards, your window frames, your front door, your couches and dining room furniture? While you may not be able (or even want to) match these tones, all of these hues give you direction as to the wood and wood treatment you should consider for your coffee table. 

Now that you’ve considered all of these aspects, you are ready to really find the perfect coffee table for you and your space. 

Coffee Tables for Sale

Now that you know what you want, here is a sample of our crafted coffee tables for sale online as well as in-store.

Wood Coffee Tables for Sale

Cooper Coffee Table – Eco Furniture Design Top Quality South African Furniture

Coffee Tables with Storage

Sliding Front Coffee Table on Steel Base for Sale South Africa (

Lilly 2 Drawer Coffee Table South Africa Home furniture store (

Tapered Coffee Table with Drawers South Africa Home furniture store (

Lilly Open Coffee Table Furniture Store South Africa Online (

Round or Oval Coffee Tables for Sale

Holly Round Side Table – Eco Furniture Design Top Quality South African Furniture

Holly Oval Coffee Table – Eco Furniture Design Top Quality South African Furniture

Glass Top Coffee Tables

Glass-top Coffee Table – Eco Furniture Design Top Quality South African Furniture South Africa

Steel and Wood Coffee Tables for Sale

Steel Coffee Table – Eco Furniture Design Top Quality South African Furniture

Hayley Coffee Table Steel Base South Africa Home furniture store (

Lilly Coffee Table Furniture Store South Africa Online (

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bookshelves for sale

Bookshelves for Sale

Bookshelves are not only the smartest way to store and pack your books and keepsakes, they are the ideal way to revamp, reinvent, and reinvigorate the interior of a room or living space. If you are looking for bookshelves for sale, then EcoFurniture provides beautifully designed as well as custom-made bookshelves.

But before we go into that, here are four great ideas on how to use a bookshelf to bring across your personal style in your home.

“A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot.”

Alan Bennet.

1. Keep it personal 

Whatever you decide to use your bookshelves for will say a lot about your personality and style. 

You may have more books than you have shelves for, you may want to use the bookshelves to display your personal photos and keepsakes, or you could use your bookshelf as multi-purpose display shelves with books, plants, photos, and other decor. 

No matter why you buy bookshelves, whether you need a tall bookshelf or a wide bookshelf or a tall and wide bookshelf, the result will be a true reflection of your personal style.

2. Customise your design

With so many contemporary bookshelves for sale, you no longer have to have a wooden spreadsheet of straightforward columns and rows against your wall.  

You can choose split levels, multi-sized bookshelves for sale that will keep your display area interesting and practical.

3. Organised office

If you are looking to buy a bookshelf for your home office or workspace, then consider choosing a bookshelf that also has drawers like the Morrison Display Shelf, or the Jay Display Shelf, or Marley Steel Shelf with 2 Drawers

That way, you can keep private items out of site, while still sorting your files and books neatly.

4. Modern or classic bookshelves for sale

When looking for bookshelves for sale, an important aspect aside from the display volume is the style you choose. 

If your home is large and modern and an updated design is important to you, then the Large Steel Contemporary Display Shelf will be ideal. 

However, if your home is cozy and comfortable and you’re simply looking for bookshelves for sale that will fit in naturally with your decor, then the 3×3 Cubicle Display Shelf will suit you perfectly.

Whatever Your Needs, EcoFurniture has the Best Bookshelves for Sale.

Looking for customised bookshelves for sale? No problem. We custom-build furniture to fit your needs.
Visit our online furniture store or see us at our furniture stores in Cape Town for more great furniture.

cabinet for sale

Cabinets for Sale

It can be difficult knowing what cabinet is the best one to buy when you look through all the ‘cabinets for sale’ ads and posts available. 

There are so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the right cabinet for you and your home?

Here is a quick checklist that might help you:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is your colour-scheme?
  3. Do you want to buy off-the-shelf cabinets, or custom-designed cabinets, or antique / second-hand cabinets?
  4. Does the cabinet need to match your existing furniture pieces?
  5. Are there various woods and finishes available for the piece?
  6. How will you collect it / is delivery factored in?

Find Cabinets for Sale Online

Our online furniture store has many beautiful, high-quality cabinets for sale that you can choose from. Because our furniture comes with many options, you can easily find the cabinet of your dreams. Plus we deliver to all within XX kms of place.

cabinet for sale
3 Door Cabinet

3 door cabinets for sale

Choose from 5 different woods with various finishes in this stunning 3 door cabinet for sale. Ideal in the living room or dining room, this cabinet is stylish and offers great storage.

cabinet for sale
Marley 4 Door Cabinet

4 door cabinets for sale

The 4 door cabinet for sale is available in pine, oak, blackwood and salinga – each with various finishes and shades for you to choose from – and is built on a sturdy steel frame for integrity and durability.

cabinet for sale
Charcoal Drinks Cabinet with Glass Doors

Drinks cabinet

This wooden drinks cabinet with glass door on a steel base is strong, well-designed, and will serve you well.

With plenty of packing space, the glass display area will show off your collection while the drawers will keep your other items safely and neatly packed away.

cabinet for sale
Sliding Door Server Cabinet

Sliding door cabinet

This modern sliding door cabinet has the best of both: sprayed sliding doors for taller items, housed in an elegant wood and steel design. This cabinet allows you to neatly, efficiently pack away your goods. 

Chest of drawers

cabinet for sale

Ideal as a beautiful piece of functional furniture in any bedroom, this chest of drawers cabinet for sale is a lovely addition.

Or you can choose the Tallboy chest of 8 drawers if you need more storage space.

cabinet for sale
Cooper Compactum

Compactums for baby rooms

This 3 drawer compactum cabinet is ideal for baby’s room. Beautiful, elegant, strong enough to last, your nursery can be clean and modern with furniture that is highly functional and safe.

Cabinets for Sale in Store

All of these versatile cabinets above are available in our fine stores. If you see what you like online, but you prefer to shop in real life, why not visit us at our Woodstock store, our Durbanville branch, or at our factory shop.

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