Wooden Furniture For Sale South Africa

Wooden Furniture For Sale South Africa

Wooden Furniture For Sale South Africa

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Eco Furniture Design sells Contemporary and Custom Wooden Furniture Online and In Store. We are a supplier and manufacturer of Top Quality Wooden Furniture including Hardwoods and Softwoods. Our signature range includes stylish modern and classic designs and we can accomodate Bespoke requests as well as large orders.

As an established Manufacturer we go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive an amazing final products as well as excellent customer care. Our furniture range includes:

Contemporary Dining tables : available in solid timber and with Glass or Concrete Tops and Steel elements on request 

Rustic natural and classic table designs

Lounge Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture

Office and Kids Furniture

Hospitality Range


Beautiful Bedroom Furniture For Sale South Africa

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture For Sale South Africa

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture For Sale. Beds dressers side tables desks headboards

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View Our Signature Range Here : https://ecofurnituredesign.com/cape-town-furniture/

Eco Furniture Design are makers manufacturers and suppliers of quality Contemporary Bedroom Furniture. Our Range is stylish functional and easy on the eye. We sell directly to our customers via our walk in store as well as online via our Online Furniture Store. We can also accommodate custom requests as well as large orders.

What defines us as a business is our commitment to using sustainable materials and finishes as well as giving back to our employees by means of continuous in house skills development 

contemporary furniture

Contemporary Furniture South Africa

Makers of Designer Contemporary Furniture in South Africa. Eco furniture design is offers a complete service , from the design and technical development of custom of bespoke pieces to the manufacture and supply of furniture products. We also have a gorgeous standard signature range which has been developed over 8 years . View our Signature Range Here :  https://ecofurnituredesign.com/cape-town-furniture/

We supply products for Homes , Schools , Offices as well as Hospitality and we have completed many successful projects from small to large. We offer a personal touch and our goal is to ensure every one of our clients is happy with their order , hence we always go the extra mile for our clients. We have built up a loyal base of clients who have watched us grow from a small startup business working from a Home Garage to the established Furniture Manufacturer we are today

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Dining Tables For Sale Cape Town

Dining Tables For Sale Cape Town

Dining Tables For Sale Cape Town – https://ecofurnituredesign.com/product-category/dining-tables-sale-south-africa/

Wooden tables – from contemporary to classic and natural rustic designs as well as custom requests Eco furniture design specialises in the design manufacture and supply of Dining Tables in South Africa. The tables are available in all shapes and sizes :

2 , 4,6,8,10 and 12 seaters as well as extra long wide and large tables. The shapes include square rectangular and Oval shapes as well as natural Edge tables. Furthermore we also provide tables with Steel Bases Concrete tops as well as Glass Tops.

Our tables and furniture is all finished in a top of the range finishes. Dining Tables For Sale Cape Town


blackwood furniture

Gorgeous custom Home furniture – Happy Gauteng Client

Custom Home furniture South Africa

Eco furniture design specialize in Home furniture and Decor.

We have a stunning standard range of furniture , see our catalogue here :   https://ecofurnituredesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Catalog-low-res-June.pdf

View our Facebook Page here : https://www.facebook.com/ecofurnituredesign

Our range includes :

Beds headboards pedestals side tables cabinets cupboards wardrobes & dressers

dining tables chairs and sets

coffee tables TV units and display shelves

bookcases and bookshelves

rustic farmstyle and custom tables


steel frames and legs

custom furniture

From humble beginnings in a garage, the vision was to be an environmentally and socially aware company that manufactures and supplies stylish and functional furniture. This ethos remains today as the Eco Furniture Signature Range takes root in Southern Africa. Only sustainable and local solid wood timbers are used in production, as well as Eco-friendly finishes to arrive at a finished product that is truly environmentally justifiable. Our designs and our furniture & decor signature style has developed into a unique & stylish brand. Our products are top quality and truly gorgeous.

Beautiful bedroom furniture range for sale South Africa

Beautiful bedroom furniture range for sale South Africa

Beautiful bedroom furniture range for sale South Africa – as well as other Home & Lifestyle furniture

Beds headboards dressers side tables storage units cabinets cupboards wardrobes chest of drawers

See our timbers and finishes below or click on the ” Have a question button ” if you require and additional information.

See other Bedroom furniture here :  https://ecofurnituredesign.com/product-category/bedroom/

We have a wide range of contemporary furniture with various elements available including glass and concrete top options , steel frame tables , rustic or natural farm-style tables , oval tables , X-Leg designs as well as custom or bespoke designs if required

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Our timbers and finishes are all local and sustainable and we use only alien , sustainable certified or reclaimed timbers and our finishes are also water based or Eco – friendly and have been chosen to perfectly accentuate our range.

Our range of gorgeous Home & Lifestyle furniture is suited to all styles and tastes is available both from our online store throughout South Africa as well as our walk in store in Cape Town. We are also a furniture manufacturer and supplier to the Hospitality and Lifestyle Industry

We also offer custom and duco finishes on request 

dining table South Africa

Beautiful solid wood Dining tables and sets for sale and custom made South Africa

Beautiful solid wood Dining tables and sets for sale and custom made in South Africa.

Eco furniture design crafts gorgeous top quality dining table and sets which are available for sale of custom made and supplied throughout South Africa. As an established furniture supplier manufacturer and store our goal is to provide natural rustic or contemporary and elegant designs which are finished with our specifically sourced range of finishes chosen to perfectly accentuate our range.

Our range of tables include wood dining tables for sale:

Solid wood dining tables.

  • 6, 8, 10 and 12 seater options as well as extra length or natural slab tables, Oval and round tables, x leg tables, steel base tables and glass and concrete top tables.
  • We can also design custom made or bespoke pieces

Make sure to view our Projects page to see some of our designs : https://ecofurnituredesign.com/portfolio-completed-by-eco-furniture-design/

Or visit our online furniture store to purchase a table:  https://ecofurnituredesign.com/cape-town-furniture/


Home furniture store South Africa

Home furniture for sale South Africa

Home furniture store South Africa

As an established furniture supplier manufacturer and store we craft beautiful furniture for homes as well as for larger projects such as hotels schools lodge’s restaurants and more. We also design and custom make bespoke furniture pieces to meet a functional consumer need. Our online store allows you to shop for furniture directly and allows for nationwide delivery.
Our materials are all local and sustainable and include solid wood, glass, steel, MDF supawood & concrete. Our paints and finishes are all top of the range and extremely durable as well as being mostly water – based and Eco child & pet friendly.

We use only sustainable or alien solid timbers and offer a wide selection of finishes to choose from in store which perfectly compliment these timbers. So although our timber choices are limited the number of stains and colours offered result in a large selection to choose from and we have selected a top of the range durable finish to make sure the end product is of the highest quality. Plus , our signature is the inclusion of glass concrete and steel elements incorporated to elevate the designs and make our range truly stand out.
We are committed to using sustainable materials and finishes in the manufacture of our products and social upliftment via skills transfer is a core ethos in our business.
Our furniture ranges are classic, contemporary, rustic & natural or retro and are available both from our online and retail furniture store:


restaurant table for sale

Top quality Restaurant tables made to order in South Africa from our hospitality range

Restaurant tables and furniture contribute hugely to the look and feel or mood of a space. Eco furniture design offer a wide range of tables that are durable yet stylish and functional. We have successfully completed numerous hospitality projects which include all styles of tables. We recommend a more durable timber such as Saligna or Blackwood finished in a colour or seal of choice but our glass top or concrete top tables are also an option for a high end elegant environment. We can also manufacture cafe tables or round top tables to maximise space and seating as well as bar tables and stools on request. Our steel frame tables are also popular adding an industrial edge to the tables while still being modern and clean in their design so as not to be too chunky and over powering.  Solid wood tables create a warm and comfortable setting for patrons to relax and enjoy their dining experience and can also be accompanied with a wide range of rotating decor without much hassle. Our popular finishes include Teak , Kiaat and Chestnut and our paints are also specifically chosen to best accentuate our range of sustainable timbers and materials. They are top of the range , eco-friendly yet exceptionally durable. Restaurant tables must be chosen with care and our range has bee designed to offer a variety of functional styles

We have also recently updated our catalogue and have added a new contemporary dining chair to the range. It is simple with clean timeless lines and will compliment our range of tables well. Other decor includes pot plants , displays and serving trays and boards. We can accommodate custom requests such as extra long tables and can also supply in bulk.

Contact us today to enquire more about our range of restaurant tables  :  https://ecofurnituredesign.com/contact-us/



dining room furniture cape town

Cape Town furniture – Contemporary quality furniture supplier and manufacturer South Africa

Cape Town Furniture – Cape Town Magazine

First-class Cape town furniture designer at second-hand rates

And: Don’t forget to ask about specials for CapeTownMagazine.com readers!

Two things tend to be true in the business world: the best ideas are the most obvious and the best prices are always the lowest. Simple, right? Perhaps not, or more of us would be successful. Though, one enterprise has managed to see the wood for the trees and put these truisms into practice to change the way people buy furniture in Cape Town.

Eco Furniture Design, an online wood furniture store devoted to sustainability, uses reclaimed wood and timber grown and harvested with minimal environmental impact to craft beautiful pieces sold at affordable prices. The shop is among the first wave of furniture manufacturers in Cape Town giving people the opportunity to be both responsible consumers and the proud owners of striking indoor and outdoor home and office furnishings.

“When I had my second child, Laila, I needed a table to change her on,” recounts a gregarious Tameron Grahn, the co-founder of the budding business. “So, my husband [and partner], Peter, banged together a quick fix with some old wood and a couple of nails.”

Voila! From that point in 2009 onwards, Tameron’s seedling of necessity grew into a thriving trade. Peter’s solution – he says there’s wood EVERYWHERE –  is not only the kind of no-brainer that leaves even the best and brightest of us wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that,” but also a concept that’s hot on trend.

Since the beginning of 2013, the green furniture rage has gripped everyone from magazine publishers to prominent industry players. As a renewable resource that requires a minimal level of energy-based processing, wood is one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the planet, and thus wealthy homeowners everywhere from New York City to Moscow have stopped harbouring dreams of living in a gold-drenched Versailles and are now raising houses made from natural pine. More interestingly, even décor mogul IKEA jumped on the bandwagon in late 2012: the Scandinavian game changer – it uses a total of 1% of the earth’s commercial wood – named forestry management at the core of its drive to be one of the most sustainable businesses in the world by 2020.

“A lot of people just never had the option [to purchase green furniture] before,” explains Tameron when quizzed about the sudden mass appeal. “And now, aside from the fact that you can buy something that looks flipping beautiful, you have the opportunity to purchase something that’s eco-friendly too.”

The duo’s business uses reclaimed wood, like Oregon pine that’s been discarded from home builds and meranti that’s left over from cabinetry, to piece together stunning bedside tables, bookcases and dining room tables. And the team uses invasive alien species, like blackwood and blue gum, as well as pine sourced from sustainable South African forests, to conjure up contemporary shelves, television units, outdoor tables, desks and more in her Cape town furniture.

In both cases, they keep their suppliers as local as possible, both to support proximal enterprises and to reduce their carbon footprint. Not to mention, though more of a fair trade than environmental achievement, they employ workers with little previous experience and upskill and train them.

“It’s like a journey,” Peter, who heads up the production wing of Eco Furniture Design, points out. “Each piece is made by hand. We source the wood, check it for insect infestation, remove impurities like nails, recondition it, sand it, cut it, fill it, assemble it and stain it.”

In short, the process is a true labour of love, and it’s one that the enterprise encourages their clients to be as involved in as possible. While the team has mocked up and tried and tested a number of standard designs – everything from simple flower boxes and benches to more complicated tapered leg tables and pantry cupboards – the furniture store produces customised pieces too from their Cape Town furniture store.

Thus, those who’ve spent sleepless nights mulling over the look and feel of a four-poster bed can now realise their dream at a minimal cost. In a nutshell, why do it yourself when someone else can do it for you. Eco Furniture Design lets clients take the reins from start to finish: they can pick their design, their wood, their colour and their stain, but Peter and his trusty team do all the hard work.

“You really are getting exactly what you want,” enthuses Tameron.

Not to mention, because each plank of reclaimed wood comes with its own personal history, colouring, knots and character, every finished piece of furniture is unique. This paired with the fact that you’re not aiding in the destruction of rainforests or unknowingly advocating environmentally taxing imports makes the one-of-a-kind Eco Design Furniture creations an incredible bargain.

Having started out with only a single hammer and a drill themselves, Peter and Tameron know the value of a rand and have thus made it their mission to give nearly everyone access to exquisite décor at a reasonable price. As Tameron puts it, they want even those who think, “one day when I’m big, I’ll have a beautiful dining room table,” to have the chance to own the kind of piece that can turn a house into a home right now.

Unsurprisingly, the response to the endeavour has been overwhelming. Even in a South Africa where online ordering is still anathema, countless people have used Eco Furniture Design’s Web-based store to virtually furnish their living spaces (it’s also possible to go to the workshop and the small Woodstock-based shopfront if you’re still cynical about Internet shopping).

It’s a purchasing process as simple as the Eco Furniture Design concept itself, and in this case, it just goes to show, going green doesn’t always have to splinter the bank balance.



Contact us today :  https://ecofurnituredesign.com/contact-us/

ecofurniture design worker

Eco furniture design – Woman and Home Magazine 2018 Feature – A DIY project inspired a family-run business

Eco furniture design – Woman and Home Magazine 2018 Feature – A DIY project inspired a family-run business


TAMERON HARALAMBOUS, 36, and husband PETER, 37, from Claremont, co-own Eco Furniture Design. They have three children. Tameron says:


THE IDEA To save a few bucks, Peter, who worked in textiles, made a baby changing table for me in 2009, using free reclaimed timber from a hardware store. It was beautiful, and eco-friendly, as it was upcycled wood. I was already an entrepreneur, running a team-building biz with my mom, so I recognised the prospect of a start-up in front of me: a furniture company using sustainable materials. Friends and family loved the idea of bespoke eco-friendly furniture, so we used savings to set up.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT In 2010, we created a workspace in our garage, and hired our first employee who we sent for training with a carpenter. When I wasn’t doing flexi-hours at my other company, I was sanding and painting our furniture, while Peter dealt with our sales after finishing up at his day job. I used a free platform to build a basic site, selling our ready-made items from here via e-mail orders, as well as on Gumtree. It wasn’t long until custom requests came in! In 2012, we were accepted to be part of the Furntech incubation programme, a training centre for furniture-making start-ups. That’s when Peter and I took on Eco Furniture Design full-time. We got our first official workspace at Furntech, and use of their machinery. Over the two years we were there, we learnt so much about the manufacturing process, which helped to up our game. We also shared a rented retail space at The Old Biscuit Mill with my dad’s homeware business.

HIGHS In 2016, we received the National Skills Development Award at the South African Small Business Awards. We were thrilled the category was created just for us to recognise our efforts in employing unskilled workers and then training them.

LOWS Exporting wood furniture abroad has been tricky, as there are many new considerations, like how the material will respond in a new climate, and ensuring the wood is kept bug-free without toxic pesticide use. We’re testing the water with a range of smaller items, such as tea trays, created with a team of technicians.

WHERE WE ARE NOW We rent two factory spaces in Ottery to keep up with demand. Most sales come via our site, but we do rent a bigger retail space in Woodstock now, and deliver nationwide. We’re doing well enough to support ourselves and 30 staff. Working with a spouse can be trying, so it’s best to define clear roles. I handle marketing and product lines, while Peter manages staff, runs factory production and does quotes. We make a great team and, with a young family, it’s ideal to have flexibility as entrepreneurs.

BEST ADVICE WE’VE EVER HAD Stick to a company ethos. If you compromise on quality or the ethics behind sourcing materials, your integrity is put at risk.


Launched 2010

Start-up costs R5 000

Turnover 32,5% up in the last year

Website ecofurnituredesign.com


Equipment R3 000

Marketing R2 000


Furniture Shop South Africa

Wood Furniture Shop – South Africa

Wood Furniture Shop

Wood Furniture Shop – Online and Walk In Store

021 827 1336


Eco Furniture Design are Furniture Suppliers and Manufacturers based in Cape Town , South Africa. We craft Gorgeous Solid Wood Furniture with Steel Board and Glass Elements. With more than 11 years Industry experience we are a client orientated Furniture Shop.

Our established Furniture Factory crafts locally designed Hardwood and Softwood Furniture including : Oak Furniture ; Blackwood Furniture ; Ash Furniture ;  Pine Furniture Birch Ply ; MDF & Supawood. We also supply Live Edge Slab Furniture as well as Custom and Bespoke Furniture.

The Solid Wood Furniture is beautifully crafted and finished with a top of the range product that perfectly accentuates the timbers.

Our Timber options Include :

  • White Oak  Furniture

  • Blackwood Furniture

  • Solid Pine Furniture

  • Ash Furniture

  • Birch Ply Furniture

Specific timbers are available on request.

All our Furniture is available to purchase online with nationwide delivery in South Africa.

Shop Online here for gorgeous Dining Tables , TV units , Shelving , Cabinets , Beds , Wardrobes and more.

Beautifully crafted Desks , Pedestals and Side Tables , Coffee Tables are for sale and to order and we can accommodate large and custom requests. Our Range is carefully developed in house , each item is developed over time and incorporating our own unique signature.

The Contemporary Scandinavian Style Solid Furniture is truly unique,  durable and stylish .

A very  proudly South African Wood Furniture Shop.


View Range here : https://ecofurnituredesign.com/product-range-home-furniture/

Follow us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ecofurnituredesignsouthafrica/

Contemporary Furniture Store 

in South Africa

Furniture Manufacturer Cape Town – Supplier of Solid Wood Furniture South Africa – Eco furniture design

colourful furniture

National Skills development winner 2017 – Eco furniture design furniture store press releases – Lionesses of Africa

Furniture store South Africa – Eco furniture design

The accomplishments of the small business community in South Africa was in the spotlight as winners of the 2016 South African Small Business Awards were announced on 10 November at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg. In its eighth year, the South African Small Business Awards acknowledge the country’s most outstanding businesses and the remarkable people behind them. The awards are hosted by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).


This year drew a record number of entries from a diverse range of sectors ranging from technology, retail, transportation, music and engineering. Mike Anderson, Founder and CEO of the NSBC says each of 2016 winners demonstrate incredible tenacity, passion and dedication. “It is a privilege for the NSBC to play a role in promoting small businesses and encourage a much-needed spirit of entrepreneurship through the South African Small Business Awards,” he notes.

Four of the five small business winners this year were women, meet them here….

Vino Veenz Govender, Founder & Director of LA-Consulting Engineers

National Woman in Business Champion:
Vino Govender, founder of LA Consulting Engineers

The coveted National Woman in Business Champion was awarded to Vino Govender of LA Consulting Engineers.

LA Consulting Engineers is a Consulting Practice operating in the Built Environment which was established in 2000 under the name Letsunyane Associates (Pty) Ltd. Since inception, the Company has grown steadily and established a strong foundation in the Built Environment. In line with the Company’s long term growth path, the Company’s executive implemented a company name change to LA Consulting Engineers with new Company branding effective from 1st July 2013. As part of the Company’s commitment to conservation of the environment, the Company’s Head Office has moved from Westville to Umhlanga (Ethekwini) operating out of the newly built Mayfair on the Lake (A Green Star Certified Building). The Company offers a wide range of expertise, with its primary focus on Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Project Management and Turnkey Solutions. www.la-eng.co.za

Roxanne Page, co-founder of SassyChic 

National Small Business Champion:
Roxanne Page, co-founder of SassyChic

The National Small Business Champion was awarded to Roxanne Page of Sassy Chic.

SassyChic.co.za is an online women’s boutique specialising in South African designers and brands. Their product offering includes a range of chic, on-trend and contemporary womens’ fashion items as well as select lingerie and beauty products. SassyChic was founded by mother-daughter team Roxanne Page (née Bromley-Norton) and Karen Spies in 2011 (and went live in February 2012). Karen is a successful entrepreneur and Roxanne, a media & communications postgraduate and former editor. Like a lot of ladies, Roxy and Karen are fashion lovers and love to shop but loathe the long queues and the often crowded shopping malls on weekends. It was their ambition to bring some of the innovative online shopping elements from international online retailers to boutique shopping for women in South Africa. Four years on, SassyChic.co.za is still an independent eCommerce business that is 100% female-owned and run entirely by a group of savvy local ladies. www.sassychic.co.za

Juanita van der Merwe, co-founder of Little Green Number 

National Innovation Award:
Juanita Van Der Merwe, co-founder of Little Green Number

The National Innovation Award was extended to Juanita Van Der Merwe of Little Green Number for her efforts in using repurposed PVC billboards while also giving back to the community through a ‘Buy1Give1’ philosophy.

Little Green Number turns ads into bags! Each one of their bags, made from recycled billboards, is funky and unique. They are passionate about creating jobs AND saving the planet. One billboard at a time! They are a multi award winning social business focused on sustainable job creation, via community based micro manufacturing franchise ownership, producing a quality product that is funky and unique, that also saves the environment. Their products are 100% handmade, durable and weather resistant. www.littlegreennumber.com

Tameron Haralambous, Co-founder of Eco Furniture Design

National Skills Development Award:
Tameron Haralambous, co-founder of Eco Furniture Design

Tameron Haralambous of Eco Furniture Design was the recipient of a National Skills Development Award for her focus on environmental sustainability and social upliftment as core business principles.

Eco furniture design is a top furniture manufacturer supplier and store in South Africa who design and produce stylish affordable and functional products that are also made using local and sustainable materials. Their range includes rustic pieces made from reclaimed and salvaged timber as well as a sleek elegant and contemporary range. The materials they use include SOLID timber, sustainable board and supawood, glass and steel. their top quality finishes are water based and Eco child and pet friendly, they provide a very durable and long lasting finish. Special paints and finishes are also available on request. They currently supply the main regions of South Africa and love to work both on single projects for the home as well as large projects such as schools hotels etc. www.ecofurnituredesign.com


wooden table

How one green furniture store is changing lives while building furniture

When Tameron Haralambous asked her husband Peter to build a changing table for their nursery, she had no idea it would set them on the path to becoming award-winning furniture designers.

“We were trying to save money by making the table ourselves, but soon friends and family started asking if we could make a few more pieces for them,” says Tameron. “We got the idea to start posting some pieces on Gumtree, and the rest is history.”While neither Tameron (a precision driver in the movie industry) and Peter (who worked in textile sales) had experience as furniture makers, they soon learned the ropes. “We found out that a shocking amount of good, usable wood gets thrown out as off-cuts and we started picking it up to make our furniture and décor pieces. Nowadays, it’s much harder to come by, but we’re still committed to use every scrap of wood.”

Their furniture store and factory offers a range that is stylish functional and affordable and can also accommodate large and custom orders


[woodmart_title style=”bordered” align=”left” title=”Commitment to people and environment”]

Initially the couple sold their wares out of the garage, then graduated to a container and a warehouse. Today Eco Furniture Design operates out of two warehouses and employs over 30 staff members, making custom furniture for homes and offices. Staying true to their “green” nature, Tameron also launched African Design and Décor, a company that uses off-cuts to produce colourful decorations and furniture.

“We’re committed to the environment and to upskilling. We’ve employed four interns and are doing skills development through a company called AVA (Action Volunteers Africa), Learn to Earn and TZN placements.” Dozens of unskilled workers, some literally taken off the streets, have gotten on their feet and become more employable as a result. “It’s important to us to pass on our knowledge and to help fellow South Africans get on their feet.”

Eco Furniture Design has won the Department of Trade and Industry Certificate of Achievement, NBSC Top 20 Award, NBSC National Skills Development Award and the National Gazelles Top 40 Award and regularly displays their goods at design exhibitions.

“We are still advertising on Gumtree though,” says Tameron.

She believes that persistence is the key to success for small businesses. “We literally come a long way from the garage to here, and if we can do it, anyone can.”

Eco Furniture Designs’ furniture can be bought online

Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop

Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop

Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop South Africa

Solid Wood Contemporary Furniture for sale and to order

Eco Furniture Design is a Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop.  We craft beautiful Contemporary Furniture in South Africa.

The designs are stylish and functional. They are all designed in house and continuously refined. This results in furniture pieces that stand out and compliment any space.

Our furniture is made from Solid timbers,  impeccably finished powder Coated steel and top of the range finishes.

The end product is one that is noticeably made with care from start to finish.

We also incorporate board and glass elements in some of our functional designs which add a touch of polished style.

Furniture like this is definitely worth the wait !

Have a browse through our catalogue and you will see what elevates our brand above the rest. 


Furniture Shop

Contemporary Wooden Furniture

We manufacture contemporary furniture designs which are sold from one of our furniture shops and also shipped nationwide throughout South Africa.

You can shop for our Furniture online in Cape Town , Gauteng , Pretoria and we are one of the top wooden furniture stores in South Africa.

View our contemporary furniture in cape town here:

117 Garfield Road Claremont 021 827 7701 Claremont@ecofurnituredesign.com 12 Wellington Road Durbanville 021 827 1336 Olga@ecofurnituredesign.com


Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop

Furniture Manufacturer Supplier and Shop

Sweet seat: functional seat for IT folks

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“Fringilla In Dui” @Vestibulum Viverra
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8 – 12 April / h 12 – 18

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eco furniture design

Meet the Boss: Tameron Haralambous, founder and owner, Eco Furniture Design

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. What was your first job?

I was a bar lady at one of the go-kart tracks where I was racing.

2. What parts of your job keep you awake at night?

Cash flow as usual. Cash flow and the staff.

3. Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

It is so cliché, but my mom. My mom is a legend and a single parent. She taught me how to just keep going and just to have faith and be positive – so everything in my life. Definitely my mom.

4. The best professional advice you’ve ever received?

The best professional advice I actually got from my father-in-law who has many businesses that he runs. He said: “That it never really gets easier, and the problems never really end, so you just have to keep going. You have got to be practical and you have to be objective. You have to be aware that as you solve one issue there is going to be another. So you just have to be ready for that. Have practical solutions and be objective about it.”

5. The top reasons why you have been successful in business?

I think because we have a product that is unique and affordable, stylish and functional. So we offer a unique product and service. And because we are always trying to be better and we are always trying to improve our quality and offer nice things and improve our range. So we don’t just sit back and expect things to come to us – we actually go out there and see how we can improve as owners and how we can improve the business every single day.

6. Where’s the best place to prepare for leadership? Business school or on the job?

I think it is always good to get some sort of training or some sort of practical experience before you start a business. In our industry, whether you do a basic course or whether you get some experience in the industry – both are important if you are looking to start your own thing.

7. How do you relax?

The only way we relax, which we don’t do enough of, is actually just to get out of town. We find if we are in town and the staff are able to call us, we are the kind of people that always answer the phone or we always answer the emails. So the only way we relax is to actually get out of town, go somewhere where there is no cell phone signal, make a commitment to not put the computer on. But, that is the only way – and we don’t do that enough.

8. By what time in the morning do you like to be at your desk?

For me it is different because I take the kids to school. But my husband, or my partner who runs the factory, he likes to be here at 7:45am. And he would be here even earlier if he could because obviously he would normally want to get there before the guys arrive so he can set a good example. And I would be the same; so as soon as everyone is in school or I am able to. If I could I would want to be there earlier, but for me it is basically as soon as I can.

9. Your favourite job interview question?

The most important thing I ask them is: “Is this just something that you want to do or you can see yourself doing in the future?”

So basically for me I need to know that it is more than just a job… For me it is important that that person will come to work every day and do something that they love. I know it is difficult in South Africa because of a lot of people will just take any job that they can to survive. But for me a bonus would be if that person comes to work with a smile on their face. Most of the guys do because obviously they are learning a new skill, it is something that they are really doing for themselves. So that’s quite important for us when we are taking new people on, that it is something that they are really passionate about.

10. What is your message to Africa’s aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs?

I think it is quite important that people help each other out. As a small business you really have so many challenges, especially in South Africa – there are so many challenges. So my message would be just to establish what you want to do from the start. If you have got a good idea and you put your heart and your soul into it, it will be successful… If you take the time to formulate a good plan and a good idea, and it is something that you are good at and you are passionate about – then you just don’t give up, you just keep going. Don’t ever give up.

Eco Furniture Design is a furniture store and supplier based in South Africa. It specialises in crafting eco-friendly wooden furniture and decor from reclaimed timber.


Meet the Boss: Tameron Haralambous, founder and owner, Eco Furniture Design


top quality locally contemporary furniture

Top quality locally contemporary furniture made in South Africa

Top quality locally made contemporary furniture made in South Africa. Eco furniture design is a South African furniture manufacturer who specialize in supplying stylish functional and affordable lifestyle furniture of the highest quality. Our range caters for both contemporary requests as well as natural and custom designs. We are committed to being an environmentally and socially sustainable enterprise using mostly sustainable materials and top of the range Eco friendly finishes as well as implementing an in house social upliftment policy via our continuous skills training and development programs.

Read more about us here : About us