About Eco Furniture Design

Eco Furniture Design is South Africa’s go-to furniture store. That is if you want solid wooden furniture that is contemporary, classic, or custom-designed! We are an established, trusted manufacturer and supplier of beautiful wooden furniture. Our story began over a decade ago. 

It all began with humble beginnings in a garage more than 12 years ago. Over and above our goal to be the leading name in wooden furniture design, we first and foremost want to be an environmentally and socially aware company. 

We have succeeded in doing just that. We manufacture and supply stylish, solid, classic modern, and custom furniture. And, we do it from wood that is ethically sourced.

Now, our contemporary, classic wooden furniture is available in our three furniture stores in Cape Town, plus our online furniture shop.

We have walk-in furniture stores in Cape Town. This means you can experience our solid furniture firsthand, or speak to us directly about custom furniture. Moreover, we support the ease of online shopping by delivering nationwide.

Get top-quality wooden furniture that is contemporary, classic, and custom-made, today!

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Being eco-friendly and supporting our community is our primary goal. Not only is it part of our name, but it is certainly reflected in everything we do. Subsequently, the Eco Furniture Signature Range was born, and is now starting to take root in Southern Africa. For example, we’ve grown from a team of two to almost 30 employees! Not only do we take care of our team, but we also make sure we use mostly sustainable and local solid wood timbers in our classic, contemporary furniture.

More than that, we only use eco-friendly finishes to arrive at a finished product. As a result, your furniture is truly environmentally safe.

As a result, our contemporary, classic, and custom furniture designs have developed into a stylish, ethical furniture brand that stands apart. 

The wooden furniture is certainly top quality and truly gorgeous. 

Social upliftment and skills development

Through social upliftment partnerships, and continuous skills development, Eco Furniture Design is doing what it takes to uplift the community.

For example, we have employed more than 30 people from the community in South Africa. Additionally, we have upskilled with woodworking and machine skills. Firstly, this gives them skills for life. Secondly, it offers economic stability to homes and families in the area. Finally, it supports our desire for sustainability.

As a result, our team and furniture truly reflect our sustainability goals.

Sustainable materials

Our contemporary classic and custom furniture designs are also offset by modern elements. For example, steel, glass, board, and concrete elements. This results in stylish and unique pieces. More than that, our furniture can be customised. Consequently, you get solid wood furniture that perfectly suits your home and office.

Furthermore, the variety of timbers we use also cater to various styles and budgets. However, all our designs carry our quality guarantee.

Our contemporary furniture primarily comes in solid wood, such as oak, pine, blackwood, ash, saligna, and various board products. We also offer steel and wood furniture, plus glass, stone, and concrete tops in our online furniture store or walk-in furniture stores in Cape Town.

Additionally, we have worked hard to ensure our range of wooden furniture perfectly suits your homes, as well as your office. More than that, our contemporary furniture also works well for commercial and hospitality uses. For example, guesthouses, B&B establishments, and restaurants.

Solid furniture fit to order

Finally, no matter what size your order is, we can accommodate large and custom requests.

You can be sure that our solid wood dining tables, desks, TV units, and bookshelves are contemporary yet classic furniture pieces that are of the highest quality.

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Sustainable Materials

We only use sustainable materials, such as solid timbers, board, steel frames, glass, concrete, and stone tops, which are available in all our furniture stores in South Africa.

Stylish Affordable Solid Furniture

Get the best quality solid furniture at affordable prices. So you enjoy the best contemporary furniture, or custom furniture, at home or work.

Top of the Range, Eco-Friendly Finishes

This is because we really care! So, we use eco-friendly finishes on our wooden furniture. For example, low VOC paint finishes, varnishes, and waxes.

Social Upliftment in South Africa

We care about our staff and community. Subsequently, we invest in continuous in-house and accredited training to facilitate skills transfer and social upliftment.