Eco Furniture Design - Terms and conditions (ONLINE)

Solid wooden furniture and décor has inherent characteristics such as knots, small bumps and small cracks that are the natural attributes of solid wood furniture. Furthermore, it is accepted that solid wood furniture tends to naturally move over time. That is natural expansion and contraction with hot and cold weather conditions.

Solid Wooden furniture, display and décor pieces are unique in that each and every piece will look different. This is due to the nature, look and feel of the real wood. There can be a variance in colour and grain within the same piece of furniture due to the inherent characteristics of natural timber.

This wooden furniture and décor can vary in size and timber thickness by a few millimetres larger or smaller than that on the specified catalogue / price list / product display.

The furniture we supply is not suited for outdoors at all, not even on a covered patio

Furthermore exposure to harsh hot and cold conditions including extended hours of direct sunlight is likely to adversely affect the wooden furniture, and possible results are shrinking, swelling, cracking and splitting of the timber.

Furniture should not be left next to large windows that cause the item to be in direct sunlight. Nor next to fireplaces, nor other environments which the heat is too high. 

Real Life products can vary sometimes significantly from the appearance of the product in pictures specifically in terms of colour and shade. This is due to picture quality, lighting, and computer screen colours and resolutions.

The colour and appearance of timber products finished with wood stains and wood washes can vary slightly within the piece of furniture due to the inherent variance in the natural timber outlined above.

The finish of painted items with a solid paint may reveal natural imperfections in the timber such as small cracks, texture of knots, slight bumps, raised or indented grain etc. This is not a flaw or poor workmanship, but due to the natural characteristics of solid wood.

For a manufacturing fault – return within 7 days and a replacement product will be made, or the fault will be corrected 100%. If a resolution cannot be found a refund can be discussed subject to the manufacturing fault being proven as genuine. 

Returns for which there is no manufacturing fault can be discussed, and may be refunded or exchanged depending on the product, less transport fees and a 15% handling fee of product price.

Exchanges due to style preferences will carry a 20% handling fee of product price plus transport fees, and replacement products are subject to availability.