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Furniture Store in Cape Town
Furniture Store in Cape Town

#1 Furniture Store in Cape Town

Furniture Store in Cape Town

Discover Eco Furniture Design: Transforming Living Spaces with Exceptional Solid Wood Furniture

Welcome to the pinnacle of South Africa’s solid wood furniture craftsmanship – Eco Furniture Design.

Our journey commenced more than a decade ago, starting from a modest home garage armed with nothing but a vision, dedication, and a few rudimentary tools. 

Today, we’ve emerged as a distinguished furniture manufacturer and supplier, boasting two fully operational factories committed to crafting enduring, top-tier, and contemporary furniture pieces.

Merging Aesthetics with Resilience

Immerse yourself in our contemporary solid wood furniture range that epitomizes the enduring allure and robustness of oak, pine, ash, and blackwood.

Each creation undergoes meticulous artisanship, where every minute detail is meticulously examined to seamlessly merge style with lasting durability.

Beyond wood, our designs integrate elements of steel, glass, and board, culminating in exceptional, visually captivating furniture masterpieces.

Nationwide Reach, Impeccable Service

Convenience is paramount. We extend nationwide delivery services, ensuring access to our remarkable furniture across South Africa.

For a personalized touch, explore our walk-in stores situated in Durbanville and Claremont. Here, immerse yourself in our collection firsthand and benefit from expert guidance offered by our knowledgeable staff.

Championing Sustainability

Our ardor for sustainability remains unwavering. We champion the use of sustainable materials and environmentally conscious finishes in our furniture production.

From solid hardwoods to softwood timbers, sourced meticulously from certified sustainable sources or alien timbers, our dedication to preserving the environment is evident in every piece.

Local Pride, Global Standards

At Eco Furniture Design, our pride in being South African fuels our commitment to local skills transfer and community upliftment.

Join our Instagram community to stay abreast of our latest furniture designs and be a part of our journey as we continue crafting exquisite furniture while making a positive impact in South Africa.

Your Space, Transformed

Whether you\’re a homeowner, architect, or interior designer, our doors are wide open for you.

Explore our refined collection of solid wood furniture that seamlessly blends elegance, resilience, and sustainability.

Elevate your living spaces into captivating showcases of style and fine craftsmanship with Eco Furniture Design.

Shop Furniture Online in South Africa: Elevate Your Living Space


Eco Furniture Design is not confined to Cape Town alone; we offer nationwide accessibility, ensuring that our exceptional furniture reaches every corner of South Africa. With our easy online shopping and nationwide delivery services, you can bring the elegance of our furniture to your home, no matter where you are. So, why choose Eco Furniture Design? The answer lies in our commitment to exceptional quality, sustainable practices, and the belief that every piece of furniture should be a work of art. Join us on this furniture journey and transform your living spaces with the finest Cape Town has to offer. Explore our range, experience the difference, and elevate your home with Eco Furniture Design.



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