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hotel furniture suppliers south africa
hotel furniture suppliers south africa

Hotel Furniture Suppliers South Africa manufacturing Solid Wood Modern Industrial and Custom Made Furniture

Hotel Furniture Suppliers South Africa manufacturing Solid Wood Modern Industrial and Custom Made Furniture

The Ultimate Guide to Solid Wood and Modern Industrial Furniture for Hotels


In the hospitality industry, creating an inviting and stylish environment is paramount. Hotels that blend timeless elegance with modern design not only appeal to guests but also stand out in a competitive market. This guide explores the top types of solid wood and modern industrial furniture, providing insights into current trends, colors, and styles. Additionally, we highlight the top five hotels in Cape Town and South Africa, offering a glimpse into exceptional hotel decoration.

Top 10 Types of Solid Wood for Hotel Furniture

  1. Oak
    • Description: Known for its strength and durability, oak features a prominent grain and ranges from light to medium brown. It’s resistant to wear and tear.
    • Uses: Beds, dressers, and side tables.
  2. Pine
    • Description: A softwood that’s light in color with a straight grain, pine is cost-effective and versatile.
    • Uses: Headboards, nightstands, and wardrobes.
  3. Ash
    • Description: Light-colored with a straight grain, ash is strong and shock-resistant.
    • Uses: Desks, chairs, and shelving units.
  4. Blackwood
    • Description: Dark and dense, blackwood has a fine texture and high natural luster.
    • Uses: Accent furniture, cabinets, and countertops.
  5. Walnut
    • Description: Walnut features a rich, dark color and straight grain, known for its luxury appeal.
    • Uses: Headboards, bedside tables, and desks.
  6. Mahogany
    • Description: Mahogany is a reddish-brown wood with a fine grain, highly durable and stable.
    • Uses: Dressers, armoires, and executive desks.
  7. Cherry
    • Description: Cherry wood has a smooth, fine grain and a rich, reddish-brown color that deepens over time.
    • Uses: Dressers, bedside tables, and chairs.
  8. Maple
    • Description: Hard and dense with a light color, maple has a fine, uniform texture.
    • Uses: Desks, cabinets, and bed frames.
  9. Teak
    • Description: Teak is known for its exceptional durability and water resistance, with a golden-brown color.
    • Uses: Outdoor furniture, bathroom vanities, and accent pieces.
  10. Beech
    • Description: Beech is a hard wood with a pale cream color and fine grain, aging to a reddish-brown hue.
    • Uses: Chairs, tables, and shelves.

Top 10 Modern Industrial Hotel Furniture Products

  1. Steel and Wood Bed Frames
    • Description: Combining robust metal frames with solid wood headboards, these beds are both stylish and durable.
    • Uses: Hotel guest rooms.
  2. Metal and Wood Nightstands
    • Description: Featuring metal frames with wooden tops and drawers, these nightstands blend functionality with modern aesthetics.
    • Uses: Bedside storage in guest rooms.
  3. Industrial Desk and Chair Sets
    • Description: Desks made from reclaimed wood and metal, paired with ergonomic metal-framed chairs, providing a chic workspace.
    • Uses: Guest room work areas, business centers.
  4. Metal and Leather Lounge Chairs
    • Description: Comfortable chairs with metal frames and leather upholstery, offering a sleek look and long-lasting comfort.
    • Uses: Lobby areas, guest rooms.
  5. Wood and Metal TV Stands
    • Description: Sturdy stands combining wooden shelves and metal frames, designed to hold TVs and media equipment.
    • Uses: Guest rooms, suites.
  6. Industrial Bar Carts
    • Description: Mobile carts with metal frames and wooden shelves, adding a touch of industrial elegance and functionality.
    • Uses: Lounge areas, in-room dining services.
  7. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables
    • Description: Coffee tables made from reclaimed wood with metal accents, adding a rustic yet modern touch.
    • Uses: Guest rooms, lobbies, lounges.
  8. Metal Frame Wardrobes
    • Description: Spacious wardrobes with metal frames and wooden panels, providing ample storage and a contemporary look.
    • Uses: Guest rooms, suites.
  9. Steel and Wood Dining Tables
    • Description: Dining tables featuring a solid wood top with a sturdy steel base, perfect for a modern industrial aesthetic.
    • Uses: Hotel restaurants, dining areas.
  10. Industrial Pendant Lighting
    • Description: Pendant lights with metal shades and exposed bulbs, creating an industrial ambiance.
    • Uses: Hotel lobbies, dining areas, and bars.

Current Trends in Hotel Decoration

For more insights on current trends in hotel decoration, including popular colors and styles, check out these interior design articles, decorating ideas, and expert quotes.

Top 5 Hotels in Cape Town and South Africa

  1. The Silo Hotel, Cape Town
    • Description: Located in the V&A Waterfront, The Silo Hotel offers luxury and unique architecture.
    • Link: The Silo Hotel
  2. Ellerman House, Cape Town
    • Description: A boutique hotel with stunning ocean views and a private art collection.
    • Link: Ellerman House
  3. One&Only Cape Town
    • Description: Situated on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, this hotel offers top-notch amenities and views of Table Mountain.
    • Link: One&Only Cape Town
  4. Royal Malewane, Kruger National Park
    • Description: A luxury safari lodge known for its elegance and wildlife experiences.
    • Link: Royal Malewane
  5. The Oyster Box, Durban
    • Description: An iconic hotel located on the beachfront, offering exceptional service and colonial charm.
    • Link: The Oyster Box


Incorporating solid wood and modern industrial furniture into hotel design can create a timeless yet contemporary ambiance that appeals to guests. With the right blend of materials and design, hotels can achieve a look that is both stylish and durable. Whether you’re in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa, these top hotels exemplify excellence in interior decoration, setting the standard for luxury and comfort. 

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