Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary Solid Wooden Furniture for sale and made to order. Solid wood designs complimented with glass steel and Board elements.

We manufacture and supply a complete Range of Furniture which can be viewed here :

We stock a Full Range of Home Furniture and Beds For Sale :

  • Beds
  • Bed Side Tables and Pedestals
  • Headboards
  • Cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Chest Of Drawers
  • Open Closets
  • Storage Chests and Units

Our Furniture is locally made using Solid Timbers Including Oak , Pine , Blackwood and Saligna and we can also source specific timbers on request. Our Online Furniture Shop ships nationwide throughout south Africa and to the main areas such as Gauteng.

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Laila Cabinet with Doors

Laila Cabinet with 2 Doors 800 x 450 x 1600 high

Laila Chest Of 6 Drawers

Laila Chest of 6 Drawers on Tapered Leg Base 1400 x 500 x 850 high

Naomi 5 Drawer Unit

Naomi Tall Boy Minimal 5-Drawer unit with Top Openers 1300 high x 700 wide x 450 deep

Wooden Drawer Unit – Cooper Style

3 Drawer Cabinet on Tapered Leg Base 1100 x 500 x 850 high Chest of Drawer Units ; Display Cabinets ; Drinks Cabinets ; Pantry Cupboards ; Servers ; Sliding door Cupboards ; Consoles and Contemporary Storage and Utility Units.    

Double Bed Solid Wood – Kelly Style from Eco Furniture Design

Double Bed Solid Wood Contemporary Beds for sale South Africa Single Double Queen King and Extra Length View our other Bedroom Furniture for sale: desks and dressers, cupboards cabinets wardrobes chest of drawers & compactum’s here

Drawer Bed with Headboard – Double

Drawer Bed With Headboard Double Size Mattress (Select Std Length or Extra Length)

Steel Bed Frame with Headboard – Queen Size

Steel Bed Frame with Headboard - Queen Size This bed is available in Single, 3/4, Double, Queen, King Size. As well as the Extra Length Option.

Cooper Bed with Headboard – Double

Cooper Bed with Headboard - Double Size With 90mm Lip Surrounding the Mattress. The Entire Bed Base is FIXED, the Headboard is transported loose and attached on site with bolts. This is not a Flat-Pack Bed. Please Ensure Sufficient Access. Excludes Mattress Available in: Single, 3/4, Double, Queen, King Size. And Extra Length on Request.

Queen 4 Poster Bed with Headboard

4 - Poster Bed with Headboard - Queen Size Also Available in Extra Length

Floating Bed with Headboard – Queen

Queen Size Floating Bed with Headboard This bed is fixed and can not be taken apart. Ensure Sufficient Access into Room. Only the Headboard is delivered Loose.

Tapered Bed with Headboard – Queen

Tapered Leg Bed with Headboard - Queen Size This bed is available in All Sizes Single - King Size (And Extra Length)

Cooper Bed Base – Double

Double Cooper Bed Base on Tapered Legs Standard Double Mattress, 90mm Wide Lip Around the Base

Solid Wooden Headboard – Double


Solid Wooden Headboard - Double Bed Size

Make your bedroom extra special with this wood headboard. This double bed solid wooden headboard is made to be wall mounted. This headboard is made locally in Cape Town, South Africa.

Available finishes for your Wooden Headboard

Choose from a variety of finishes to ensure your headboard matched the rest of your bedroom furniture. Our headboards are manufactured out of the finest wood, and available in Pine, Blackwood, Salinga and Supawood (Bone white, chestnut, black, grey, mocha and white).

Do you need a custom headboard made?

We manufacture bespoke and custom solid wooden headboards to your requirements. Send us your details, and we will supply you a quote for your own unique wood headboard.

Tall Boy Side Table with 3 Drawers

Tall Boy Side Table with 3 Drawers 450 x 350 x 650 high

Cooper Side Table 2 Drawers

Cooper Side Table with 2 Drawers 500 x 400 x 650 high

Tapered Side Table Slim Drawer

Tapered Side Table with Slim Drawer 500 x 400 x 600 high

Cooper Side Table 1 Drawer

Cooper Side Table with Drawer and Open Shelf 500 x 400 x 650mm high

Holly Round Side Table

Holly Round Side Table 500mm Diameter x 550 high

Steel Pedestal with 2 Drawers

Steel Pedestal with 2 Drawers 500 x 400 x 650 high

Laila Side Table with 2 Drawers

Laila Side Table - 2 Drawers 650 x 400 x 650 high (This unit is wide)

Steel Pedestal with Drawer

Steel Pedestal with 1 Drawer 500 x 400 x 650 high

Wardrobe with Slatted Doors

Wardrobe with Shelving & Hanging Space and Slatted Doors 2000 x 1200 x 500 deep

Marley Wardrobe

Marley Wardrobe on Steel Base 2000 high x 900 wide x 500 deep

Open Steel Frame Closet – Side Drawers

Steel Frame Open Closet Wardrobe with Side Drawers 2080 high x 1300 wide x 500 deep