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Shop Wooden Furniture – View our Product Range

At Eco Furniture Design, we pride ourselves on being the best place to shop wooden furniture designs. Not only do we use the best quality solid wood – such as oak, ash, blackwood, and pine – we also only use top-quality, earth-friendly finishes. Thus, handcrafted with care, you will find unique, modern, solid designs blended with age-old quality. For instance, TV stands, chairs, tables, beds, bookcases, and more!

Wood is organic and timeless. Because of that, it adds such warmth, class, and elegance to any space. Be it in the home, office, or commercial setting, such as B&B, restaurant, or guesthouse. Please feel free to browse through our product range. Plus, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll make it for you!

TV stands, cabinets, and consoles

The solid wood TV stands, cabinets, and consoles are made with steel, board, and glass elements. The result is you can shop furniture for your entertainment area that is of the best quality. Explore our range of TV units with drawers, open TV units, steel base TV stands, cabinets, and consoles.

Coffee tables and side tables

Arrange your lounge or sitting room in style! This is possible with our range of modern coffee tables and side tables. Plus, many of these solid wood coffee tables have steel and glass elements as part of the design. The result is a contemporary, elegant table in your lounge or sitting room.

Bookcases and display shelving

Here is where our contemporary design truly shines. Our modern display shelves and bookcases are the perfect combination of warm, wholesome woods, steel, board, and glass. Thus, the ideal way to store, pack, and display items in your home and office.

Dining tables

Bring the family and guests together with our selection of dining tables. Choose from our range of solid wood dining tables. For instance, contemporary dining tables, farm-style dining tables, oval or round dining tables, steel-base dining tables, and X-leg dining tables. 

We also have tables for cafes, restaurants, and bars

Chairs, bar stools, and benches

View our wide range of wooden and steel-frame chairs and benches on our online furniture store. You will find everything you need for your dining and seating needs. If you don’t, why not speak to us about a custom-designed chair? We love working with you and your designers to make your chair and seating dream a reality.

Desks and dressers

Work and study in style. This is because our range of wooden and steel-framed desks and dressers is not only eco-friendly but also stylish and ergonomically designed. So, you will be able to focus, be productive, and still have wooden furniture that complements your sense of style.

Beds, wardrobes, and bedroom furniture

Looking for the best wooden beds, wooden dressers, wooden cupboards, and wardrobes? You’ll find a wide selection of wooden beds and bedroom furniture in our online store. We use the best materials, wood, and finishes to make our stylish designs. As a result, you buy furniture that is a step above the typical pine beds and pine cupboards on the market. Thus, your bedroom furniture is modern, elegant, and gentle to the environment.

Custom wooden furniture 

Did you know that we make custom furniture pieces, according to spec? It is true! If you cannot find the furniture you are looking for in our product range, then why not ask us to make something unique for you.

Shop wooden furniture online or in-store

Please feel free to browse our wide range of wooden furniture products on our online furniture store. You can also pop in at our furniture stores in Cape Town.