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For almost 12 years Eco Furniture Design has been Crafting a beautiful range of Local South African Furniture and Decor . We use mostly sustainable and locally sourced materials. Our pricing includes VAT and a Basic Finish / Seal

The range includes Soft and Hardwoods as well as board products including MDF, Birch-ply and supawood. Our steel is locally supplied and perfectly finished in a variety of powder coated colours.

We also use a high end top quality wood stain product not available elsewhere , which further compliments and uplifts our gorgeous designs making them unique , stylish and functional .

All our products all carry a 5 year guarantee .

The Solid HARDWOOD TIMBERS we offer are:

  • Solid Oak
  • Solid Blackwood
  • Solid Ash
  • Solid Saligna/ Eucalyptus on request

The Softwood Timber we offer is :

South African Pine.

Other timbers are available on request.

Our Pine timber is available in the largest variety of wood stain options and the product we use to stain the Pine is amazing and makes the Pine look truly fantastic and uplifted. It is like nothing else available on the Furniture Market.

We have various finishes available for each timber you may see the pallet below

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Contemporary TV unit

Pine Furniture

Our SA Pine timber is sustainably grown and harvested. What distinguishes our Pine furniture is that is is leaps and bounds away from traditional Pine furniture in terms of our style designs and specifically the high end top quality and durable paints stains and seals we have sourced and selected to finish our range with. It is a top end product that perfectly compliments and accentuates this specific timber.  It elevates the look and feel of the furniture piece and makes it clearly unique from other Pine furniture available.

Ash Timber

Solid Ash Furniture

Ash is lovely as a Natural Hardwood Timber.

We have tested and selected a few finishes for Ash that look amazing on the timber. The stains all penetrate the wood grain and give a natural Matt finish that is very stylish and contemporary as well as top quality protecting and sealing the timber very well. These stains are provided exclusively to our business and our designs and finishes are Top of the Range and unique pieces.

These Stains are: Ash Chestnut, Ash Greyish , Ash Black wash

The timber is also lovely left Raw / Natural if desired.

Solid Oak Furniture

Our Solid Oak Furniture is made from American White Oak. It is is a Top Quality Hardwood Timber.

Most clients select Oak Raw/Natural with a Matt Seal but we have also tested 1 or 2 stains which look amazing on the timber . Please request a timber sample set if required from :

Blackwood Furniture

Blackwood Furniture

Blackwood is a stunning Hardwood Alien timber. If you are investing in a timeless furniture piece we recommend Blackwood. It has varying levels of Blondes and Browns per batch and is also very beautiful when finished naturally.

It also looks great when combined with our Solid white / Black/Grey painted MDF which provides a lovely contrast of natural warm timber and perfectly finished sleek board.

It also combines very well with the powder coated steel legs and bases.

Lucy Steel Desk

Birch Ply

Birch is a Plywood , suitable for lighter more compact smaller furniture. It can also be stained in one of our gorgeous finishes for a contemporary stylish look.

wood and grey cabinet

Board Elements

Supawood and MDF are smooth particle boards which allow a smooth or glossy finish when no timber grain is desired.  We have incorporated elements into our solid wood designs especially our more contemporary range.

We also now offer an ECO -BOARD called Forescolor which is a very unique coloured eco friendly board product. Contact us for more info.

Steel Frame Furniture

Steel and Glass Furniture Elements

We have incorporated contemporary stylish steel bases and frames into our designs to add an elegant touch to our designs.

We have also incorporated Glass tops and Doors to some of our range the glass is also available in various finishes ie smokey or clear glass.

Slab Table 3000

Slab and Live Edge Furniture

Large slabs and natural edge pieces are also available on request . We can also source large Industrial style beams on request . Slabs include European Oak Sapele Iroko and Eucalyptus when subject to availability


Woods & Finishes

Our Furniture is manufactured using a variety of sustainably sourced Timbers. The include Solid Oak , Ash , Blackwood , Pine and Birch. Our finishes are top of the range finishes that perfectly accentuate our furniture range. Furthermore we add elements of Steel , Glass and Board to elevate our gorgeous contemporary designs .

ecofurniture design

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