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Industrial Furniture Maker Cape Town
Industrial Furniture Maker Cape Town

Industrial Furniture Maker Cape Town

Industrial Furniture Maker Cape Town

The Rise of Industrial Furniture: A Blend of Wood and Steel

Industrial furniture has become a cornerstone of modern interior design, blending the raw appeal of metal with the warmth of wood to create unique, functional pieces. In this article, we’ll explore the key elements of industrial furniture, highlight some stylish examples, and showcase ten remarkable wood and steel products by Eco Furniture Design, a leading manufacturer in South Africa.

Key Elements of Industrial Furniture

1. Raw Materials: Industrial furniture emphasizes raw or minimally finished materials. Exposed steel, reclaimed wood, and unfinished surfaces are key characteristics. According to The Spruce, “The industrial look celebrates humility, practicality, and affordability with its humble roots in the warehouse look” (Kite Dream Zanzibar).

2. Functional Design: This style is all about functionality. Pieces are often straightforward and sturdy, with a utilitarian aesthetic. The focus is on the materials and their inherent qualities.

3. Minimalist Aesthetic: Industrial design tends to be minimalist, avoiding unnecessary embellishments. This creates a clean, sleek look that highlights the beauty of the materials used.

4. Vintage Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, industrial furniture often incorporates vintage elements like distressed finishes and vintage hardware.

Examples of Industrial Furniture

  1. Dining Tables – Combining robust wooden tops with steel frames, these tables are both practical and stylish. Check out some designs on The Spruce.

  2. Bookshelves – Open shelving units with steel frames and wooden shelves add an industrial flair to any room. See examples on Decoist.

  3. Coffee Tables – Featuring a mix of wood and metal, industrial coffee tables can serve as the centerpiece in living spaces. Explore styles on Homedit.

Quotes on Industrial Furniture

  • “Industrial furniture is all about blending the utilitarian look of factories with the warmth of wood to create pieces that are as stylish as they are functional.” 
  • “The beauty of industrial furniture lies in its simplicity and the way it embraces the raw, unfinished look.”

Eco Furniture Design: Top 10 Wood and Steel Products

Eco Furniture Design, based in South Africa, offers a stunning range of industrial furniture, combining sustainable wood with durable steel. Here are ten notable products:

  1. Industrial Dining Table

  2. Wood and Steel Bookshelf

    • Open shelving with a combination of wood and metal.
    • View Product
  3. Steel Frame Coffee Table

    • Featuring a reclaimed wood surface and metal legs.
    • View Product
  4. Industrial Desk

    • Perfect for home offices, with a wooden top and metal supports.
    • View Product
  5. Bar Stools

    • Combining metal frames with wooden seats for a rustic look.
    • View Product
  6. Console Table

    • Ideal for entryways, with a blend of steel and wood.
    • View Product
  7. Dining Bench

    • Sturdy and stylish, featuring a wooden seat and metal legs.
    • View Product
  8. TV Stand

    • A mix of functionality and style, with wooden shelves and a metal frame.
    • View Product
  9. Side Tables

  10. Storage Unit

    • Practical storage solutions with an industrial touch.
    • View Product


Industrial furniture continues to captivate with its blend of rustic charm and modern functionality. The combination of wood and steel creates durable and stylish pieces that fit seamlessly into various interiors. Eco Furniture Design exemplifies this trend with their sustainable and beautifully crafted products. Explore their offerings and bring a touch of industrial elegance to your home.

For more information and to view their full range, visit Eco Furniture Design.

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